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  1. Such a lovely project. Congrats so nice!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, how do u think of such things… wings made of dollar bills!!! And the whole theme.. just AMAZING!!!


  4. Très beau, tout en poésie, j’adore.

  5. These photos are absolutely magical! They are pure joy!

  6. Veeeeeeery cute:-)

  7. Hi,
    This whole concept of Wengenn in wonderland is really awesome. Can clear see the tremendous effort you have put in creating all these shots. They all are fabulous.

    I have one query in this picture, its a moon or sun. And if its sun then buildings can’t be black which shows its night and if its moon it can’t be yellow.

    Or is it that I am missing out on some theme?

  8. Wow. You are amazing

  9. Read about u frm SJ Hg News Sunday. Very creative and original. Sent to daughter who has 2 babies…. Best wishes

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