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Wengenn’s Symphony No. 1

Posted on Nov 5, 2013 by in Baby Photo | 6 comments

Wengenn’s Symphony No. 1

Wengenn in Wonderland: Wengenn’s Symphony No. 1


  1. Marvelous

  2. Hi Queenie,

    Thank you for your pictures. They are very very cute and I really really love your pictures about your child. I will set up and take photos for my children in future ^^

    I just dont know the background of this picture is so flat, how can you do that?


  3. Beautiful work!! from your heart

  4. bellissime

  5. This music teacher LOVES this photo :)


  1. Artfully Inspired // Sioin Queenie Liao - […] Symphony No. 1 […]

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